Our Philosophy


Donovan Technical Associates certified staff is "cutting a new edge in technology" for the success of your business today and tomorrow. Here at Donovan Technical Associates we can help you out with all of your computer needs. Whether it's an software revision upgrade or a completely new system for at home or the office. Donovan Technical Associates has been instrumental in the development and distribution of high quality reliable services.

We believe in:
, Creating comfortable, friendly, working relationships.
, Being honest about what we can or cannot do.
, Sharing our knowledge openly with all personnel.
, Ensuring that our clients understand what we are doing.
, Working within your budget
, Listening to our clients
, Taking pride in our work
, Exceeding your expectations.


Donovan Technical Associates are located at:
583 Dorseyville Rd.
Pittsburgh PA 15238
Phone 412.406.8000
Fax 412.406.8003
We don't believe in pressuring our customers into expensive contracts. We are willing to contract for any length of time. More than anything, we want you to be happy with our work. Nothing makes us feel better than having people thrilled with our service.  We provide engineered products that are developed with the utmost attention to quality in design and performance. All services  are sold and developed by us thereby insuring performance, quality, and longevity for the client.

Donovan Technical Associates

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